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Optimum Health - For Life is a world leader of Health & Fitness information and provides comprehensive educational tools for Health & Fitness Professionals, Emergency Preparedness Professionals, and all concerned Individuals who are searching for "real" information based on scientific, clinical, medical, and sports medicine research.

"Informed consumers make better choices ... but, educated consumers make the best LIFESTYLE choices," J. Ross-Wilkinson, author of the newly revised "NUTRITION -- THE MISSING LINK: Personalizing Optimum Performance, textbook for the Internationally acclaimed SPORTS NUTRITION SPECIALIST [SNS] certification module.


"The SNS course information was worth EVERY dollar I paid for it!  I think EVERYBODY should know the things I learned in the course.   Nutrition IS definitely the "missing link" to ones health!"

. . . Dr Jeff H, Chiropractor, FT, Sports Enthusiast

"Totally AMAZING nutrition information!  Since I finished the SNS course in October I have continued to have GREAT success with my own increased energy, amazing weight loss, lowered cholesterol, and my blood sugar has stabilized!!  Thanks so much for such a valuable course!

. . . Catharine F, 12 year veteran Fitness Trainer & Weight Trainer and Cycling Enthusiast

"This has been an incredible learning experience for me. The author of the SNS course knows her stuff!  I'm very passionate about the information I learned and will be sharing it with my students and clients!"

. . . Dr Bill L, PhD, Exercise Physiology Professor

"I was so confused trying to sort out all the real info from the 'hype' out there about nutrition.  Now I GET IT...it finally all fits together...THANKS!"

. . . Matt B, Sports Nutrition Regional Sales Manager

"I had talked to a number of Dietitians who had taken your courses and who consulted with you frequently when they got 'stuck' with a client they couldn't seem to help anymore.  They all raved about the information they learned in the SNS course...and now that I'm using the information I can't believe how much I have learned!"

. . . Kelly T, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Counselor

"I just saw an old friend from years passed and I was BLOWN AWAY!  It was so good to reconnect with her, but mostly I couldn't get over how fantastic she looked, thanks to you!  Just wanted to let you know that I was skepitcal at first when she said she was making 'great progress' and talked incessantly about the great things she was learning from the course...But, WOW, I had no idea!!  Now I'm taking the course and loving it!"

. . . Elisabeth C, Reg Massage Therapist

"Thank you so much for educating me about how we should be eating, helping me with shopping and cooking tips,
recipe ideas, and the importance of the supplements that I and so many others seem to need.  I proudly tell everybody about Optimum Health - For Life!"

. . . Lucas B, Patient Care Coordinator for Dr Brian M

"This was a FANTASTIC course.  I am happy to see a 'normal' lady in charge of something so dynamic as this...the author should be proud of her effort!"

. . . Tanya S, Fitness Trainer & Sports Enthusiast

"Your information has changed my life and my way of thinking...forever!  Can't believe I finally found real information about what I need to do to get ready for my fitness competitions.   So much valuable information...when and why about EVERYTHING, how not to have problems with carb-loading and bloating just before competition, and teaching me the right balances of nutrients I needed to win!"

. . . Tannis M, lst runner up in a Natural Fitness Competition, 2004 & 2005; winner 2006

"Totally amazing information!  Thanks for doing such a great job of teaching me.  The changes have been phenomenal and everybody is noticing the new me."

. . . Crystal H, Mother of 3 and Sports Enthusiast

"When I started I sure gave you a hard time about not wanting to 'know anything.'  Thanks for setting me straight on that!  All my friends are saying 'I don't know what you did with your body but, I want some of it!  Tons of thanks!"

. . . Jaye M, Limited Mobility Mother of 3 teenagers

"The information in the SNS course should be mandatory for all Health Professionals to know and share with their patients/clients.  The info I learned has had a life changing affect on me and I am passing it on to my patients."

. . . Dr James K, Chiropractor, SNS

"Now that I've made changes to my nutrition and supplements I'm happy to say I'm very proud I'm not a 'carb hog' anymore!   I've increased my proteins and fats -- that was a real surprise.  And I can already tell a big difference in my body and workouts that I'm getting great results -- in just 10 days!!!   I'm totally pumped to keep learning more.""

. . . Cathy K, Fitness Instructor to Fire Fighters

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