In 1998 it became official, the World Health Organization (WHO) summarized the bad news by officially calling Syndrome X the "Metabolic Syndrome."  Gerald Reaven, MD, in the late 1980's, using medical evidence, showed a clustering of major health risk factors connected with cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance.  Syndrome X is also known as "Insulin Resistance Syndrome" and even the "Deadly Quartet."

No matter what you call it - it is one of the most preventable diseases of Western Civilization and is quickly becoming one of the most prevalent diseases of mankind, and one of the most costly in terms of premature mortality. TRANSLATION?  "Ditch all the COWS ["Coulda, Oughta, Woulda, Shoulda"] excuses before it's too late," says Jenni Ross-Wilkinson, author of "NUTRITION - THE MISSING LINK:   Personalizing Optimum Performance".  Educating yourself is the way to learn what you can do to prevent becoming a casualty in the war on obesity.

Anyone with three (3) or more of the five (5) risk factors is classified as suffering from Syndrome X:

            RISK FACTOR                                  DEFINING LEVEL

            Abnormal Obesity (measurement around belly button):
                men....................................>102 centimetres (>40 inches)
                women................................>88 centimetres (>35 inches)
            Elevated Triglycerides.............>150 mg/dL
            Low HDL Cholesterol:
                men....................................<40 mg/dL
                women................................<50 mg/dL
            Raised Blood Pressure.............130/85 mm Hg
            Fasting Glucose.......................110 mg/dL

Unfortunately, only one-third of all adult men and women in western society are FREE of all five symptoms. So, if you are free of all five, then you and everyone else should know that it isn't just "good genes" or by "accident" that you are free of all the maladys above. You have taken control of your life and are making wise decisions in the myriad of temptations that are DAILY bombarding your life! Only by examining the causes and then taking the actions required can you hope to win the battle against Syndrome X

Ironically, the causes of this disease are improper nutrition and inadequate physical activity, the major consequences of our recent historical prosperity!

It took over 30 years for the majority of adult men and women to understand that they needed to include some physical activity in their lives if they wished to attain a relatively healthy lifestyle. So, finally convinced that exercise was the "secret weapon," adults turned to exercising more and more over the passed 10 years. Research shows that they are exercising "twice as much" as they did in the previous ten years. So, WHY is it that the average adult person has now become 10 pounds heavier then they were 10 years ago AND that additional weight is in Body Fat?

The picture is clear, there is an epidemic of adult onset diabetes! The statistics show that the "average" North American adult is now clinically obese (Women = 32 % Body Fat; Men = 26 % Body Fat) and RISING! Only in the passed several years has it become obvious that something is missing from the formula to good health. So, if exercise is not the answer, then what is? Numerous scientific studies have proved that the Missing Link is appropriately nourishing their body to perform their activities and to promote healing and recovery. How many times have you heard a newly reformed exerciser commiserating that they get "too sore, too tired, or too worn out"? And then what happens? You guessed it...they seriously compromise their immune system and eventually get sick -- then they GIVE UP!

Understanding how important nutrition is to their transformation to health has been the critical "Missing Link." Most people just don't "get it" and don't understanding that if they don't make CHANGES to their nutrition to complement their increased physical activity they will merely become a mirror image of exactly what they were before. Just larger or smaller, depending on whether they reward themselves with "eating more" of the same balances of nutrients or "cutting back," seeking out one of the many fad diets that will cause them to just catabolize their body as they sacrifice their Lean Body Mass (LBM) and ultimately their long-term health.

So, ALL adult men and women should be educating themselves about what they can do to reduce their risk factors to Syndrome X which must also include nutritional modifications. When that happens, consumer's will arm themselves with their greatest weapon -- knowledge. The knowledge to better understand the myriad of foods and supplements that manufacturers would want you to believe are the "newest discovery" and are based on "new scientific research" and the "cure-all" for every person walking the planet. Educated individuals are less likely to blindly believe all the "Health Speak" they are continually exposed to. They are then in a position to better understand the expensive, sophisticated, marketing techniques intended to sell, sell, sell THEIR product which is the BEST and is based on "new science" and a "new discovery". Science of the human body does NOT change dramatically -- just the marketing of "new scientific products" that the manufacturer's want to sell you!

It has been shown that treating people with Syndrome X can prevent or improve cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes, the two leading causes of morbidity and mortality today. So, quit using all the 'COWS' excuses (Coulda, Oughta, Woulda, Shoulda) and go to battle with those things you CAN control. Go to battle with the ACQUIRED CAUSES of Syndrome X, those things that are directly related to overweight and obesity and can effectively avert the development of insulin resistance:

-- Nutritional Modifications:  decrease too high intake of Carbohydrates (NO MORE THAN 60% of Total Food Value); 35 - 50% of Carbohydrates should be complex by making sure they are below 55% on the Glycemic Index scale Doing that keeps the blood sugar levels low in the two to three hours after eating and prevents the highs and lows that cause fatigue, depession, and cravings. Additionally important is balancing the Proteins and Fats to allow for individualized improved physical performance.

-- Increase Physical Activity:  include a regular exercise program for ALL AGES by implementing daily aerobic exercise and resistance training.

Numerous diabetes prevention programs have found that even a modest weight loss of seven percent (7%) can reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes by 58 percent in patients who have impaired glucose tolerance. Dietary modifications (modulations) and physical exercise CAN create positive outcomes!

Jenni Ross-Wilkinson, author of
"NUTRITION - THE MISSING LINK:   Personalizing Optimum Performance"

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