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The internationally accredited SPORTS NUTRITION SPECIALIST [SNS] Certification Module course was developed to meet the tremendous demands that Health and Fitness professionals, Emergency Preparedness personnel, Sports Enthusiasts, and EVERYONE around the world who is concerned about "appropriate" nutrition for performance are faced with DAILY!

Many people involved in physical activities look to "professionals" for information and, until now, the professionals have felt just as helpless and confused as everyone else in regard to appropriate nutrition!!  With sooooo many fads, diets, and "magic bullet" concepts being promoted in a myriad of books, magazines, and other media -- it is no wonder they are confused!  This course gives appropriate information that goes far beyond the fads and diets and teaches valuable nutritional guidelines for making more appropriate nutritional "choices."  Students walk away from this course with "The Big Picture" and FINALLY feel confident about nutritional information.

Everyone knows that proper nutrition is a very important part of all physical activity performance.   In this course you will learn to vastly accelerate the positive effects of all fitness performance with appropriate nutrition for all physical activity.

The basis of any exertion is the burning of fuel.  People participating in physical activities require the body's systems to perform complex and vigorous sets of interactions in order to work skillfully, hard, and long.  To get optimum performance from their body and its systems their "fuel" must provide the necessary nutrients.

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        Sports Nutrition Specialist [SNS]

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